I recently finished reading Colum McCann’s latest short story collection, Thirteen Ways of Looking. It paired perfectly with winter storm Jonas here in New York last weekend, when the city got blanketed in two feet of heavy snow. Walking through […]

2015 was one of the most challenging years of my life. From an unexpected breakup to a new job and new roommate, my daily routine got hit by a ton of changes in a matter of months. New Year’s Eve—which […]

We live in a time where social media touches and transforms nearly everything. Even poetry. You know, that archaic art form that no one reads anymore? Turns out if you write that poem in an artsty scrawl on a scrap of […]

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

David Viscott

There’s a certain type of book that’s hard to read in one sitting, not because you’re not engaged, but because the world created within its spine is so achingly beautiful, so tinged with melancholy, that you have to come up […]

Oh hey there, Monday! In case you didn’t know, today happens to be National Best Friends Day, one of those obscure but kinda fun holidays that take over your Facebook feed for 24 hours. So in honor of the passing […]

I feel like I’m starting to come out of hibernation this week after a freezing winter that overstayed its welcome. With daylight savings and temps above 50 degrees (!!!) this week here in Brooklyn, I may as well be on a […]

This winter has felt a bit like the end of the world here in Brooklyn. Days on end of single digit temps, winds that whip your faux fur hood right off your head, and snowfall that’s hardened itself into crusty […]

New Year’s Resolutions usually revolve around the idea of expecting more from yourself, whether that comes in the form of vegetables, hours logged at the gym, or selfless deeds completed. This year, you’re hoping to volunteer more, spend more time with […]

When I quit a stable but creatively unsatisfying office job a year and a half ago, I was worried that finding freelance work would be really difficult. And it was, at first. But once I started to really think of […]